Sunday, August 13, 2017

Let's Protect Haiti's Treasures, Let's Protect Madan Sara!

From Migratory Birds to Traveling Women or Madan Sara: a Tribute to Madan De and all the Haitian Women Who Work Hard to Educate Their Kids

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Homage to Madan Saras, Potomitan, Pillars of Haiti's economy

All Parents Want Their Kids to Do Well in Life. They want them to succeed. Just like the migratory birds of Haiti that travel far and beyond to find foods to bring back to their nest, female Haitian merchants commonly known as Madan Sara are the main distributors of crops and the true link between farmers in the provinces and consumers in the major cities and capital, Port-au-Prince. If Madan Sara do not up to the mountains to establish their network with the food producers, farmers, and transporters, then the city dwellers will not find anything to eat. Yet, the educated consumers of the cities do not respect them and tend to look down on them.


Machann pakoti = junk dealers

Madan Sara - migratory birds or female Haitian merchants and street vendors.

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